Hi! I'm Adam

I'm a passionate software developer who loves to learn and tackle new challenges. I've been coding since high school and continuously attempt to stretch my abilities and keep growing as a developer.

Embedded Development

I've done embedded work on a multitude of microcontrollers including the ESP8266, ESP32, MPS430, and ATmega328P.

Internet of Things

IoT and Embedded work go hand in hand. To make the most of my skills, I've taught myself to use professional frameworks such as the ESP-IDF, AWS IoT, and other cloud technologies.

Object Oriented Development

I also do OOP development. My knowledge of Python and Java allow me to build a wide range of software, from desktop applications to backend work.

Technical Writeups

Nothing cements knowledge like teaching it to someone else. Writing articles about my projects and technologies I've used both helps others and strengthens my knowledge.

My Projects

While I've worked on quite a lot of projects over the years, here are some of the ones that I am most proud of.

About Me

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If there is one trait that defines me, it’s my desire to keep growing as a developer and person. I know that with enough work and time I can learn, design, and build anything that I desire. We live in an unprecedented age where individuals can use technology to change the world. Let’s not let that go to waste.

While having the technical skills is important to job success, one’s ability to work with a team largely defines their effectiveness in the workplace. As much as I enjoy working on my personal projects, the morale and technical benefits that come with working together can be unparalleled.

Some say that a jack of all trades is a master of none. I am striving to become a jack of all trades, master of one. To reach this end I have experimented with a large number of different technologies and frameworks over the years, from designing mobile apps with Flutter to embedded microcontroller development and much more, I have experience in a broad range of fields

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